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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Leaf Marble Painting

You will need:
• yellow,green,red and orange paint
• marbles
• plastic cups/spoons
• leaf template (located in template tab)
• white construction paper
• flat bin with raised sides (get it cheap at the Dollar Tree)
What to do:
*cut out enough leaves for each child to do at least one (they will want to do more)
*use the plastic cups for the paint (one color in each)
*put 1 marble in each cup along
with a spoon
*place the leaf on the bottom of the bin and using the spoon "find" marble in the paint and scoop it out. Place on the leaf. (do this for all the colors)
*roll the marbles all around the leaf (encourage the children to
do this slowly, we have had many marbles "fly" across the room.)
*remove leaf and allow to dry

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