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Sunday, August 21, 2011

All About Me Theme

What you need:
• 5 pieces of white construction paper per child
• magazines
• blue, green, and red paint
• crayons
• glue sticks
• circle template (located in template tab)
• hole puncher
• yarn
What to do:
Day 1:
Trace circle onto 1st piece of
construction paper and have children draw a
self portrait using crayons.
Day 2: Make a collage using pictures
children cut from magazines (why not get in
some cutting skills?) of items children like;
favorite foods,colors etc and glue onto the
second page.
Day 3: Trace circle onto 3rd piece of paper
and using the blue and green paint have the
children "dip" their index finger into the paint
and put their fingerprints inside the circle. Write
the words "My Fingerprints are Different from
everyone in the world"
Day 4: using the red paint (or any other color
the child may prefer) paint the child's hand and
place on the paper. Write "I am Special"
Day 5: The last page you will list the following;
My Name Is__________________
I am _____ years old
My Birthday is__________________
My Favorite Color is_____________
My Favorite Food is ____________
I Like to ____________________
I Don't Like__________________
I Have ___brothers and ___ Sisters
I Have a pet___________________
~ When all the pages are completed, punch 3 holes along the edge of all the papers and tie yarn through all the holes in the pages to make a book.

A great way for children to share something about themselves (and to boost their self confidence) is to send home a lunch bag with the following note
stapled to it:
All About Me Bag ,As part of our theme "all about me," we would like to welcome the children to share things about themselves with their classmates. Find 3-5 things that represent your child and place them in the bag. Some ideas may include an object that is their favorite color, or a label/package from their favorite food, or something they may collect. Please make sure it fits in the bag! We will be sharing these bags with the other children during group this week. You may bring them in any day this week! We look forward to learning more about your child!

Grab These Great All About Me Posters from Oriental Trading Company and send them home for your Students to fill out and bring back to display in the hallway! Best part is you get 30 posters for only $8.00

Provide each child with a cut out like below made from Poster Board. Have them decorate it at home to represent themselves. They can use whatever they would like such as fabric for clothes, yarn for hair etc. These come out so cute! Hang them around the room or in the hall and let the other children guess who is who.

My Special Face

When I look in a mirror I see my face,
And all of its parts are in their place.
I see two little ears and one little nose,
I see two little eyes and one little mouth.
When I look in the mirror, what do I see?

A wonderful and special me! (Give yourself a hug!)

~Jolanda Garcia

Edible All About Me Faces
What You Need:
• Caramel Rice Cakes
• Peach colored icing (mix white icing with orange food coloring)
• Light Brown Icing (you can mix chocolate and white icing together to get many shades of skin tones)
• Brown, Black, and Red Licorice for hair
• Yellow taffy for blonde hair
• Crushed chocolate/ Vanilla cookies for hair
• Chocolate candies, blue, green.brown for eyes
• Red candies for the mouth
• Fruit shaped candies for hair bow
• Yellow candy for middle of hair bow
What To Do:
• Give each child a rice cake and allow them to choose the icing that is closest to their skin color and spread it on the rice cake.
• Give them candies to choose from to create their faces,hair etc


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