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Friday, February 24, 2012

Pot Of Gold

What you need:
• paper plate
• black and yellow paint
• white glue

What to do:• Cut the paper plate to look like the one to your left (use the part you cut away and flip it to make the gold) and paint the large half black and the small part yellow (you can add gold glitter to make it sparkle (before paint dries). Glue together.

Leprechaun Hat

What you need:
• Paper Plates and bowls (the tough kind and NOT waxed)
• Green Paint
• Gold glitter
• white glue

What to do:

• cut out circle from plate (make sure bowl covers the hole in the plate).
• Paint the plate and the bowl and sprinkle with glitter BEFORE it dries. Attach bowl to plate using white glue (place a book on top to hold it together until the glue dries).

The Wee Little Leprechaun

The wee little leprechaun
What you need:
•Orange, yellow, dark green,
light green, black, pink,light
blue, and white construction
•Glue sticks
•Peach Crayons

What to do:

~ Cut out a large circle for the head on white paper and color with peach crayon. Cut out a hat from dark green paper, a clover from light green paper, yellow square for buckle on hat, black strip for hat (or you can color this on with black marker), tear orange paper for beard and eye brows. Add blue eyes and pink nose.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

100th Day Of School

Send a note home to Parents asking them to help their child find 100 things to display and bring in for the whole class to see! Above are just a few of the displays our children brought to school!

Valentine's Day Gift

Paint both hands and form a heart like shown on white construction paper. Glue to poster board. Cut out small squares and create a pattern around the edge for the frame. Our students copied the words "I love you" and wrote their names! Add some yarn for hanging!

Marble Painting ~Hearts~

Cut out hearts from construction paper and place at the bottom of a shallow pan or bin. Squirt red and white paint onto the heart, add marbles and tilt pan around to create pink hearts!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Valentine's Day Books

Edible Valentine Craft

Make this cute edible craft by covering the top of a caramel rice cake with pink icing (mix white icing with pink food coloring) and add fruit shaped candies for eyes, nose and mouth.

Valentine Sundae

Fill a plastic vase with conversation hearts (all purchased from the dollar store). Insert two "sugar stix" on each side to represent the straws. Use a glue gun to add the marshmallow hearts and flowers (purchased from CVS). Add a "jelly" red heart (from dollar tree).

Paper Plate Valentine Fish

Grab a paper plate,red paint and a googly eye to put together this fish. Cut out a triangle from the plate and use it for the tail.

Valentine Box

Have the children crate their own Valentine Box at home. Send the following note home with their parents: Dear Parents,With Valentine's Day quickly approaching we would like for you and your child to create a special Valentine Box to hold their Valentine's in. They will be displayed in the classroom. We hope that you will enjoy this time with your child creating their own special box. You may use any items you wish to create the box, some suggestions are an old shoe box or an empty kleenex box. Have fun and use your imagination!

Heart People

Make this cute heart person by cutting out several hearts large and small and folding paper accordion style and put together with glue. add eyes etc with a marker.

Valentine Bead Heart

Thread beads onto a pipe cleaner and shape like a heart! Easy and makes a great gift!

Heart Animals

Create these simple heart animals by cutting many hearts out of construction paper, large, small, pink and red. Allow the children to create any animal they wish by using the hearts and gluing them onto yellow or white construction paper. Add googly eyes and draw on antenna's etc...