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Time to Listen

I have ten fingers (hold up ten fingers)
and they all belong to me (point to self)
I can make them do things,
Would you like to see?

I can shut them up tight (make fists)
I can open them wide (open hands)
I can put them together (put palms together)
I can make them all hide (hide behind back)

I make them jump high (put over head)
I can make them jump low (touch floor)
I can fold them up quietly (fold hands in lap)
And hold them just so.

Listening Time

Sometimes my hands are at my side (put hands at side)
Sometimes behind my back they hide (hide hands behind back)
Sometimes I wiggle my fingers just so (wiggle fingers)
I shake them fast, then shake them slow (shake fast, then slow)
Sometimes my hands go clap, clap,clap (clap hands)
Sometimes I lay them  right in my lap (lay hands in lap)
Now I am quiet as can be (put finger on lips)


Five Autumn Leaves
Five autumn leaves hanging from a tree (hold up 5 fingers)
The first one said "Very soon we'll be free."
The second one said, "I'm falling to the ground."
The third one said, "I'll sail to town."
The fourth one said, "lets not wait."
The fifth one said, Fall sure is great." (hold up the respective fingers)

Five Little Acorns
Five little acorns, lying on the ground,
The first one said "oh my I'm getting round."
The second one said "I think I'm fat,"
The third one said "I have a nice hat,"
The fourth one said "There's a squirrel over there,"
The fifth one said "Well I don't care."
Down came the squirrel and swept them all away,
up to his nest, for a cold winter day.
                                                                  ~Debby Hill

A Little Red Apple
A little red apple (form circle with hands)
Hung high in a tree. (reach up)
I looked up at it, (look up)
And it looked down at me.
"Come down, please," I called.
And what do you suppose?
That little red apple (form circle with hands)
Dropped right on my nose! (point to nose)

                                                           ~Marguerite Gode

Have You Ever Seen An Apple (tune of Have you ever seen a Lassie)

Have you ever seen an apple, an apple, an apple
Have you ever seen an apple that grows on a tree?
A red one, a yellow one, a green one, a golden one,
Have you ever seen an apple that grows on a tree?

Our School
Our school is a friendly place.
Each child wears a happy face (fingers to corner of mouth)
There are books,toys,and lots of space. (spread arms out)
We sometimes play games or have a race. (move two fingers)
We make new friends at school.
We share with them because that's the rule! (shake index finger)

Way Up High
Way up high in the apple tree (hands above head)
Two little apples smiled at me. (form apples with hands still raised)
I shook that tree as hard as I could, (shaking motion)
Down came the apples. (drop hands)
Ummmmmmmmm. Were they good! (rub stomach)

Farmer Brown had 10 red apples hanging from a tree
(hold up ten fingers)
He picked one apple and ate it hungrily
(hold hand
up to mouth like eating an apple)

(Continue by counting down the number of apples)

Taking A Walk
Taking a walk is so much fun.
We don't hurry; we don't run.(move finger sideways)
We watch for birds; we watch for bees. (point to eye)
We look for all the falling leaves. (flutter fingers)
                                                               ~Mary Jackson Ellis

Two Little Blackbirds
Two little blackbirds sitting on a hill. (lift pointer finger)
One named Jack. (wiggle pointer)
One named Jill. (wiggle other pointer)
Fly away Jack. (put first pointer behind back)
Fly away Jill. (put other pointer behind back)
Come back Jack. (bring first pointer in front again)
Come back Jill. (bring second pointer in front)

Whisky,frisky,hippity hop:
Up he goes to the tree top. (hold up arm)
Whirly,twirly,round and round: (move arm in circle)
Down he scampers to the ground. (bring arm down)
Furly, curly, what a tail:
Tall as a feather, broad as a snail. (extend arms vertically and horizontally)
Where's his supper?
It's in the shell.
Snippity, crickity, out it fell!

Five Fat Turkeys

Five fat Turkeys are we,
we spent all night in a tree
When the cook came around,
we couldn't be found,
so that's why we're here you see.

Five Little Turkeys

Five little Turkeys by the front door,(hold up 5 fingers)
One waddled off,
and then there were four (put one finger down)
Four little Turkeys out under a tree,
one waddled off and then there were three (put another finger down)
Three little Turkeys with nothing to do,
one waddled off and then there were two (put down another finger)
Two little Turkeys in the noonday sun,
one waddled off then there was one (put down another finger)
One little Turkey, he better run away,
for soon it will be Thanksgiving Day!! (hide finger behind back)


The Turkey is a funny bird
It's head goes bobble-bobble,
and all he knows is just one word...
and that is gobble-gobble!


The year has turned its circle,
the seasons come and go.
The harvest is all gathered in,
and chilly north winds blow.
Orchards have shared their treasures,
the fields, their yellow grain.
So open wide the doorway,
Thanksgiving comes again!

Scarecrow (tune of twinkle twinkle little star)

Scarecrow, scarecrow turn around,
Scarecrow scarecrow touch the ground.
Stand up tall and blink your eyes.
Raise your hands up to the sky.
Clap your hands then tap your knees.
Turn around and tap your feet.

Scarecrow, scarecrow touch your toes.
Scarecrow, scarecrow tap your nose.

Now real fast to scare the crows
Raise your head, jump up and down.
Now sit down without a sound.

The floppy, floppy scarecrow (flop around waving arms)Guards his field all day. (stand at attention, arms straight out)He waves his floppy, floppy hands (arms extended, waving hands) To scare the crows away. (flap arms like a bird)

The old scarecrow is such a funny man.
He flops in the wind as hard as he can.
He flops to the right,
He flops to the left.
He flops back and forth
Till he's almost out of breath.
His arms swing out; his legs swing, too.
He nods his head in a How-do-you-do?
See him flippity flop when the wind blows hard,
The funny scarecrow in our backyard.

Scarecrow, scarecrow how scary can you be?
You scared ______ (say a child's ncme) but you cant scare me!


Five Beautiful parrots (use this in correlation with The Rain Forest Theme)

Five beautiful parrots in a rain forest tree,
sitting all together, as happy as can be.

Someone saw their feathers and took them away,
only four beautiful parrots got to stay.

Four beautiful parrots really like that tree,
someone cut it down, and now there are three.

Three beautiful parrots didn't know what to do,
along came a bulldozer, now there are two.

Two beautiful parrots weren't having much fun,
the rain forest starting burning, now there is one.

One lonely parrot didn't have a place to stay,
his home, the rain forest has gone away.