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Monday, May 28, 2012

Sea Turtle

What You Need:
• two paper plates
• brown construction paper
• dark green paint
• light green paint
• brown paint
• googly eyes
What to do:
• paint one paper plate dark green and the other one light green, dry then paint brown markings on the dark green plate.
• cut out legs and head using template
•glue dark green plate on top of light green plate, stick legs and head between plates. add eyes.

Paper Bag Whale

Stuff a White paper Bag with newspaper, paint blue or gray and add a large googly eye to create this adorable Whale.

Paper Plate Fish

Grab a paper plate, blue paint and a googly eye to create this simple Fish. Cut out a triangle from the plate and glue it to the back for a tail. Glue on googly eye and swim away! Add colored metallic paper to correlate to "The Rainbow Fish" book. The children will be thrilled to have their own Rainbow Fish to take home. Add a large craft stick to make it a puppet.

Collage Fish

Cut out 2x2 squares of tissue paper and glue to a large paper plate. Add eye, fins and tail.

Puffer Fish

Have children paint or color a large paper plate. Cut out small triangles for the "scales" and fold the bottom so they stick out like a Puffer Fish. (see picture) Add fins, eye, tail and mouth.

Rainbow Fish

Cut out fish from blue poster board. Allow children to choose from a variety of items to glue to their fish including sequins (shiny scales). Add a googly eye!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Shape Sailboat!

Shape Sailboat! Use Shapes to create this sail boat. Paint waves at bottom using tempera.