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Popcorn Art

Have fun making pictures, learning letters, names, numbers!

What you need:

•paper (large or small)

What to do:

~write the letter, number or child's name on the paper in pencil. The child will then "trace" the letters etc in glue and attach the popcorn.
~make fun pictures, draw with pencils then outline with popcorn

Sand Art

What you will need:

• sand (any color will do)
• Card stock paper
• Elmer's glue

What to do:

~ write letters, names, numbers or draw picture with pencil, trace with glue then sprinkle with sand. (this is a wonderful way for children to "feel" the letters!

1) Word Train/Counting Caterpillar

2)Tattling Turtle

3)Job Chart
4) spanish translation of body parts
5) Behavior Chart

1) The letter train is a concept I used for a "word wall" the words we learn throughout the year are added to the wall as well as a picture of the children above it. I also added the "hand sign" for that letter. The counting caterpillar is used every year for counting up to 100 and by 5's.

2) The tattle turtle is an effective tool when you have alot of tattling in the classroom. The poem is read in the beginning of the year and lets the children know that they can "tell" the turtle anything they want.

Meet Tattling Turtle
Dear Students,
Tattling Turtle will listen to you,
When you have something to say.
Just talk to him or write it down,
and tell what happened today.
But if you or anyone else is hurt,
Please do not delay.
Come to me so I can help,
and make sure that your ok!
sincerely, Mrs. Jones

3)The job chart teaches responsibility and not to mention makes the children feel special.

4) To expose the children to another language we post several things in the room with the English and Spanish names including this chart. Chairs,sinks,shelves etc are also labled in both.

5) The Behavior Modification Chart is one of my best tools for discipline in the classroom. The Parents are notified in the beginning of the year of the effectiveness of the chart and also reassured that their child is given ample opportunities to modify their behavior. Which simply means that if they are caught doing something "good" after their worm has been moved then they go back to the "green" apple. Positive re-enforcement is always used in the classroom and children are encouraged to use their brain to figure out how to solve differences with each other.

Displaying the children's art work is easy with this simple laminated poster board. Best part is you can use it over and over again without leaving tape marks on the wall! It stays up all year and we have them placed throughout the room for the children (and parents) to enjoy!

Birthday Displays: Looking for an easy way to display birthdays? Grab some Poster board, border and cupcakes (buy from the teaching store or draw your own) Its easy to do and the best part is after you laminate it you can easily "erase" the names to use for next year! Attach 12 colorful balloons (make from construction paper) with yarn to the clown and you have another easy display.