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Winter Crafts

Oh Christmas Tree!
Every year I make our own Christmas Tree in the classroom using the children's hands and a string of lights from the Dollar Tree. I love how it looks (especially at nap time when its dark)

You Will Need:
•Green,Brown and Yellow Construction Paper
3 Pieces of Poster board (2 white and 1 dark blue)
What to Do:
1) Fold green paper into four and trace child's hand onto the paper (you will need alot of hands) No need to write names on them. I try to get each child's hand trace 5-6 times so that I will have enough hands to make the tree.
2) Cut out the hands (I know its time consuming) I do this during nap time.
3)The poster board will be the background of the you can see in the picture I have the background as "snow" with a little bit of night sky (dark blue poster board) be creative. I taped the poster boards together on the backside longways.
3) Glue the hands starting at the bottom (leave room for tree trunk) one line at a time. the next line of hands should be a tad bit shorter and layered on top of the one below. Keep doing this until you have a "triangle"
4) Cut out a star and add glitter to it, place on top using glue.
5) Cut out a tree trunk and glue to bottom of tree.
6) After the tree is dry string the lights usind clear tape to hold in place. The end of the lights will pop through the star from behind. (poke a hole for each light to come through)
TIP: Make sure you build your tree by an outlet or purchase lights that have a "battery pack)

Paper Plate Snowman
•Paper plates (2 per child)
•hole puncher
•yarn (any color)
•brightly colored construction paper

~fasten together 2 paper plates by punching a hole through one end of each plate and tying yarn through it.
~cut out a hat/mittens/boots in many different colors using the construction paper

Christmas Ornament

What you need: A picture of each child
Red and Blue poster board
Glue Sticks Glitter or sequences
What to do:~ Cut out circles from blue poster board
and ornament (front) out of red poster
~ Decorate the red part wit glitter or
~ Put child's picture in the middle and
glue together.
~ Wrap in tissue paper for a memorable
present for Mom and Dad.