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Monday, August 1, 2011

Class Bear

Grab a Teddy Bear and make him the "Class Bear" have the children vote on a name. This bear will be the same age as the majority of your students in the class, and we do have a birthday party for the bear with hats, cupcakes and more! The class bear should have a journal (make from a composition book and decorate) . Every weekend the class bear will get to go home with one student. The student may draw pictures in the journal, take pictures with the bear and tape them in journal and Mom and Dad can write all that they did that weekend. Type on a piece of paper and glue onto front inside cover a brief description of the bear etc. For Example:
        Hi! My name is Johnny and I am 4 years old! My Birthday is May 3rd! I love to run and play games. My favorite game is hide and seek. My favoite color is green and I love to eat pizza and chocolate cake. Every weekend I get to go home with one of my special friends from preschool. I enjoy spending time with my friends because they always take great care of me. I do not like mud or sticky messes so please keep those things away from me. If I manage to get dirty please do not bathe me, my Teacher will give me a special bath at school. I like to keep a journal of all the fun things I do with my friends. Please write in this journal or draw pictures of what we did together so our friends at preschool can hear all about it on Monday morning! I cannot wait to go home with all my friends!

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