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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mystery Box

Put your Thinking Caps on boys and girls! This fun activity we keep going all year long. The children are beside themselves with excitement when it is their turn to take our mystery box home.

You will need:
• An empty diaper wipe container (we use the one that has the small lid on top of the large lid to store the index card with the clues on it)
• index cards
• construction paper
• clear packaging tape or contact paper

What to do:
~ cover the wipe box bottom with construction paper, write "mystery box" on the sides and use the tape to secure it (and protect it) dark colors work best so the children cannot see in the box.
~ write the instructions on an index card (I use bright pink or blue) and tape it to the top using the packaging tape.
~ Every day the box will go home with someone (we have two since their are so many children in our class).

On the index card put the following:

* choose an item to place in this box then write 3-4 clues (parents) on a piece of paper that describes the item. For example: BALL the clues may be: 1) It is round 2) It can bounce high 3) you can toss it in the air. The clues should be simple enough for our children but also challenging. Bring your box back tomorrow.

At group each morning we put our thinking caps on, raise our hands if we know it and always give others time to "think" 1...2...3... everybody? Then the children shout what they think it is! What fun!!

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