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Thursday, July 21, 2011

WELCOME! Back to School!

Greetings and yes its almost that time again! Back to school! Ahh the dreaded Open House and scores of Bulletin Boards! I have compiled many art projects over the years and my goal is to get as many of those posted on here. Many of my projects use cheap materials and are simple to do. And if you laminate bulletin board pieces you can use them year after year! My motto is "why do it twice?"  Also, my projects are mostly donated items from my parents! Yes that's right! You will be surprised how willing Parents are to donate their old junk! I frequently put up a list of items I will be needing on a "Apple wish tree" (laminated of course) I then have apples cut from construction paper or you can use a template such as this one and write down what you will be needing for the following months. The parents "pick" an apple and bring back that item. I rarely do not get what I am asking for! For the apple tree I used 2 pieces of poster board a green one which was used to cut out the top, and I could not find brown so I used white and colored the trunk brown with markers (cheap right now at walmart) The poster board as many of you know is very cheap at The Dollar Tree! A great program you can purchase on ebay is "Print Shop" It is a program I use to print out newsletters and signs like the one above. I paid $4.00 with shipping included! Well worth it and I find that most of my co-workers have asked to borrow it more than once! The difference between handwritten signs and printed ones is huge and if you laminate them they last forever : )

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