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Thursday, July 21, 2011

September~ Check-In Board

Every month I like to put a new check-in board up for the students to help them recognize their names. They love to see the "new" theme for the month. For September I have an apple tree with a basket. The children take their name off the tree and place it "in" the basket. On top of the chart I write "Look who's here today" on a sentence strip. This is the very first thing children must do when they come into the classroom.I used two posterboards for this project. Simply cut out apples from red posterboard or construction paper, laminated them, then put a "magnetic stip" on the back. Also you will notice the tree and the basket have magnetic strips for the apples to "connect" to. Once again this is all laminated and re-usable year after year! Hint: permanant marker comes off easily with a cotton ball and nail polish remover : )

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